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The history of the Maryland PTAP
The Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) was authorized by Congress in 1985 in an effort to assist small businesses in participating in the Government Marketplace. The Maryland PTAP opened its doors in 2002. The Maryland PTAP is administered directly by the Maryland Small Business Development Center, and funded by the State of Maryland, the Defense Logistics Agency, and hosted by the University of Maryland in College Park.

Mission:  The PTAC's mission is to maximize the number of capable U.S. companies participating in the government marketplace by:

  • Providing businesses with an understanding of the requirements of government contracting and the market know-how they need to obtain and successfully perform federal, state, and local government contracts.
  • Supporting government agencies in reaching and working with the suppliers they need.

PTAC Goals:

  • To improve local economies by helping Maryland businesses successfully compete for government contracts, thereby creating and retaining jobs and bringing other economic benefits to the state. 
  • To support government agency efforts to meet their mandated small business goals for contracting dollars.

Eligibility: Any small business may receive PTAC services provided it has a product or service that has reasonable expectation of being procured under government contract or purchase order.  Owners of businesses eligible for these services may invite consultants or manufacturer's representatives to attend counseling sessions with them. 

Cost:  There is no cost to the small businesses who receive the majority of these services.

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